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IT Services


Our Clients


CSA uses the latest distributed computing tools and techniques to create Premises Distribution System to form the physical layer of the network infrastructure, LAN/WAN solutions as well as provide a broad range of consulting and support services to create and maintain networks. We combine all components of the solution, perform traffic load and quality assurance tests, integrate application-ready solutions with the existing computing architecture, and deploy the solution throughout the client's network.

We have engineers capable enough to support networking LAN/WAN, Servers, Hardware and Networking Level Support.  The different environments on which CSA engineers have gained proficiency includes Windows servers, Terminal Servers, Linux...etc. Engineers are capable enough to handle Networking Calls & first Level troubleshooting of WAN Problems.


We are offering  following Networking Solutions
  • Enterprise switch and Router solutions
  • Firewall solutions
  • Wireless Networking
  • Wide Area Networking
  • VPN ( Virtual Private Network )
  • Remote Network Management
  • Data backup solutions
  • Anti virus solutions
  • Network security


Security has become the major area of concern for the industry. CSA offers solutions for threats by implementing solutions using products like Anti-Virus, Gateway Level firewall, URL Filtering, SPAM and IDS/IPS. Thus we ensure that its clients are guarded from threats like hacking, service denial, network intrusion, stealth of critical data.

Security is an integral component of today's enterprise networks. Extensive data traffic across globally connected environment pose increasing threats to the enterprises' networks. Every network today needs the protection of robust and sustainable security solutions.

Identifying the critical information assets, threats and vulnerabilities to your systems is essential to keep your business geared up for future security threats. CSA assesses your security capability and ascertains that your Information Security is in place to reduce your risk and ensure a secure environment.